Word Of the Day, meets Scripture Of the Day, leading you in a Good Orderly Direction.

W.O.D. Unstoppable

G.O.D. No worries, I have not fallen asleep on the job – I am unstoppable and what I’ve established to be yours is unshakable. Although I am always filled with joy, there are times when I speak and times when I choose to be silent. This is not to frustrate or confuse you; everything I do is filled with purpose. It would benefit you to do the same…to speak when it is appropriate, but be silent in My presence so you can hear My loving guidance. Trust Me when I tell you, you need My help in every situation.

S.O.D. Psalm 46:5 VOICE – The True God never sleeps and always resides in the city of joy; He makes it unstoppable, unshakable. When it awakes at dawn, the True God has already been at work.



W.O.D. Hand

G.O.D. Stand tall and keep your hand in Mine, because I have defeated every power that comes against you. I’ve even adjusted your circumstances so that you can easily enter a better space. Put away all fear and chaos, and trust in My limitless love towards you. The chains that once held you have been cut and you are now free to move into the future I’ve established for you. Keep doing what you know to be right and I will usher you into a new, awe-inspiring place of beauty.

S.O.D. Isaiah 45:1-2  VOICE – Not by his hand alone, but with his in Mine, nations are vanquished, their leaders conquered; Doors and gates open without a fight and will not close. I will go ahead of you and smooth the way, lower the heights, break down bronze doors, and cut through iron bars.

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