How to Get Rich

by Texas Stready

I don’t like being on a budget. Especially the kind of low-end budget I find myself calculating these days. It’s not something I consider often, but I’d be lying if I said I never wondered what it’d be like to be rich.

Growing up in a town packed with millionaires, I’ve come to know many folks who can easily purchase anything their little hearts desire. But just like those of us who aren’t in that position, they have children who are killed in horrible car accidents, they have friends and family members who die from the horrific disease of cancer, and their once happy marriages can also end in divorce.

“Thanks for pointing out the positive, Texas.”

Sorry Charlie, but I say these things to help you accurately figure what money can’t buy. Having everything you need for life and godliness, now that’s a fortune that’ll get you through the hardest of times. And it is only gained by faith in who God is willing to be for you. (See 2 Peter 1:1-3).

Follow The Signs

Process is an intricately designed equation that’s formulated to help us develop a healthy outlook. What we gain from engaging in the process is directly related to our math skills. If we don’t do the appropriate side work, we often end up with the wrong sum-total.

My daughter Azlynn has had a roller coaster of a year. Ridiculously horrible struggles—like wrongful criminal charges. And overwhelmingly gracious gifts from God—like a brand-new car.

Only when the journey’s over, are we able to see the necessity of every mountain and valley. Azlynn just kept trusting and marching in the right direction, and although things are far from perfect, where she lives today is a mathematical wonderland filled with absolute evidence of who God is.

What Will It Take?

In a glance, we can recognize that people rarely appreciate what’s handed to them. Reaching a destination may afford feelings of accomplishment but accomplishment alone doesn’t bring lasting satisfaction. When we arrive in a place where we can blaze the trails of hardship with a confident grin in tact, then we know we’re getting there.

Through the struggles of life I’ve discovered that settling for where I am is the very thing that stunts my growth. I don’t know about you, but I long to experience all the Holy Spirit has for me. Why? Because God has millions of unfathomable treasures He wants to give me and I refuse to be too stubborn, structured or scared to miss out on the good stuff.

The choice is yours, but I say why be less than your best? Our creator is consistently calling us into a deeper realm of union with Him. Getting there happens one of two ways:

  • Circumstances alter our viewpoint or
  • We actively pursue a better understanding of His vastness.

More Than Money

How you compartmentalize your bounty affects everything about your perspective. In America, owning a Rolls-Royce could categorize you as accomplished. But in a third world country having a well that produces fresh water is what makes you high man on the totem pole. Get what I’m saying?

It’s time we begin to recognize what really matters. The word “rich” is defined as “abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds.” As citizens of the kingdom of heaven our supply is limitless. We are children of the ruler of the universe; our Father’s resources know no bounds.

It’s time we begin to recognize what really matters. The word rich is defined as abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds. As citizens of the kingdom of heaven our supply is limitless. We are children of the ruler of the universe; our Father’s resources know no bounds.

So if you want to know how to get rich, my advice to you is this: calculate your wealth from the proper perspective. Add all you do possess, instead of steadily subtracting what you wish you had. If you do your life math that-a-way, the end result will always leave you in the positive.

Learning to be Perfectly Imperfect

by Texas Stready

Growing up in church I remember the parties and picnics, achievements and realizations, but what’s easiest to recall is the imperfection. Earthly systems suck. Especially religious ones. More often than not, they’re human attempts at graphing out a guaranteed victory. No such thing.

Science has proven it takes ten positives to undo one negative. Guess that’s why we find it so easy to remember the scriptures that tell us what’s wrong. Yes they’re true, but only half the truth.

In Romans 3:22-24 it tells of our inability to steer clear of sin, but it also repeatedly speaks of God’s provision for this problem. Romans 6:22-23 says sin brings death, but continues on to explain how listening to God will give us a whole, healed, put-together life— right now. That’s only two examples. There are hundreds.

You Better Recognize

Life ain’t easy. Not like anybody has to tell you that, right? Still, at times we need a reminder that we’re not alone in our frustration. No one’s perfect—that’s a fact—but focusing on this keeps contentment just outside of our reach. Easy to anticipate but impossible to attain.

As Christians we get caught up in the Perfection vs. Imperfection game. We battle with all our might but imperfection always wins the championship. Realizing this is sure to leave you with an ominous feeling of defeat. Who the heck wants to play on that team? Not Me. But somehow pride finds a way to slither in and strike us with the lust for an MVP trophy.

And we’re off…

Switch It Up

In February, I attended the National Religious Broadcasters Conference. Big deal for me. Because I’ve watched my 8 yr. old grandson operate with phenomenal expectancy for God’s assistance, I called him for prayer.

“Okay Nona,” he agreed. Silence. That’s all I heard. After a few seconds he reassured me, “You can’t hear me, but I’m praying.” I closed my eyes and lifted my hands believing to receive all he was asking God to give me.

When he finished, in a matter-of-fact tone, he declared “Okay Nona—go manifest it.”

The words he said were hysterical to me, until my Spirit man grabbed hold of his insight. Life in Christ requires we quit playing games with the negative and practice obedience until positive expectancy becomes our most valuable player. #manifestit

Defeat Negativity

In this country there are 40 million people who suffer from anxiety and depression. So, what number do you think the church should be in this ominous equation? A perfect ten. That’s what. If we hope to help, we must become the ten positives to their one negative.

Jesus didn’t speak of doom and gloom. Not His focus. Instigating fear is unnecessary. Circumstance can handle that job. I do believe it’s haphazard to leave out the facts. Life apart from Christ will cost you everything. Now, and for eternity.

The reality of separation from God becomes most clear to people when they see what connection to Christ looks like. You want to help someone else join the team? That’s how you learn to be perfectly imperfect. When you’re at peace with your flaws, you can be okay with what’s wrong with the rest of the world, and then the attention goes to the One who holds the universal record for perfection.

God’s grace is the best award we can win, and our enthusiasm about possessing it should cause such a stir that everybody around us is dying to be chosen by our Coach.

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